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Chesapeake Bay Trust Partnership

Since the grand opening of our company in 2014 we have focused on developing relationships that are environmental and socially responsible to our community. After living in the Chesapeake region since I was a wee little girl, I wanted to focus on our closest natural resource, the Bay. 

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Making the decision for my company's environmental responsibility was right next door! The Chesapeake Bay Trust is located in Annapolis, Maryland. The Bay Trust has been a part of our community involvement in protecting the Bay since 1985, and the organization offers many educational programs to our children, volunteer opportunities, and much more. 

To share my volunteer experience through the Chesapeake Bay Trust:

It was an extremely hot and humid Maryland day in the Summer of 2017. I had signed my two kids (ages 9 and 12) and myself up to help plant water plants on a farm in Gambrills, Maryland. We arrived and were generously greeted by the volunteers! There was water and snacks galore. This helped with getting the kids to be motivated in the hot, hot sun. After we checked in we met in a group to hear our instructions. The kids and I grabbed our shovels, plants, and got to work! 

This allowed an opportunity as a Mom, Business Owner, and Hard Worker to set back and observe for a moment the dedication put in by the people surrounding us. It was a wonderful experience to take part in and observe. At the end of the event the kids and I headed off into the sunset to get our ice cream treat! 

I would highly recommend to sign up and help out with the Chesapeake Bay Trust! Call us and ask how (833) 824.6363. If you can't make the volunteer times consider transferring your vehicle tags to the BAY PLATES!!

The Bay Plate can be purchased in our office 7 days a week! Quick and Easy and 90% of the cost goes directly to the Bay! Eat fresh seafood and keep calm!

Thanks for reading my newest blog! Hope you enjoyed!

Beth Hall



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